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Gun-toting social workers

on October 2nd, 2018 in Random by Chanoch

Reading the following article in the Guardian it made me wonder how much things had really changed since the time of the black panthers.

What interests me is the criticism of the black panthers for carrying guns to protect themselves and the contemporous support among some in the black community for violent confrontation and the comment within the article about carrying phones instead of guns. The need to expose and also prove the unwarranted violence such as in the footage we have seen of people being shot in the back running away from police officers and this being dressed up by those offices as justified reaction to feelings of threat.


These photos and reading the information about the de-facto assassination of activists and people of color resonated with the ongoing discussion about police violence toward people of color.

I wonder whether there are statistics about the correspondence between charges being laid against police officers correlated with the gender and so called race of that person.

It may be positive re-enforcement or exaggeration by the media but it does seem like when we hear about police being indicted for violence or use of arms, that there is over representation of women and people of color but difficult to tell without the numbers.

Perhaps it is simply that 'equality' means that more progressive police forces are willing to hire and prosecute their officers regardless of color, gender and creed while those which still harbour racists are protective of their officers who are overwhelmingly white and male.